Vision, Mission and Values


We are a family-owned company and leading provider of heat exchanger solutions.

We design and produce tailormade high-quality heat exchanger systems and solutions. We offer both Cu-Ms and aluminum solutions.

We specialize in the production of solutions that are suitable for extremely demanding conditions and operating environments.


Finnradiator designs and produces both copper- and aluminum-based customized heat exchanger solutions for heavy-duty off-road vehicles.

The customer is always our top priority. We ensure our customers receive high-quality and consistent service every time. Our state-of-the-art product solutions provide our customers and end-users with significant benefits and added value thanks to longer life cycles.

Our mission is to design high-tech product solutions that promote environmental awareness and fulfil the need for more efficient energy solutions.

As a pioneer of heat exchanger technology, we offer outstanding solutions for mining, defence technology, material handling, railways and energy industries.

Our production lines, which are flexible and can be adapted to varying production volumes, and our skilled staff ensure that we are able to respond to our customers’ demanding and changing needs.



We are the most suitable and cost-effective alternative for our customers. Our operations are profitable, economical and efficient.

Top-class customer satisfaction

We respect our customers, understand their needs and protect their interests. We keep our promises and offer our customers a professional service and long-term partnership.

Readiness to develop

We want to solve even the most difficult challenges that our customers may face. For this reason, we are willing to work hard to become better and we are ready to sacrifice our own comfort if required.


We are always open and conduct our business operations with integrity.

Finnradiator 2022