Typically our products are used in following machinery:

  • material handling
  • mining
  • agriculture and forestry
  • marine industry
  • railroad/locomotive
  • electric and hybrid
  • defence tehchnology

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Water Radiators

We manufacture water radiators according to customer’s needs, either from copper-brass or aluminum. Radiator reservoirs can be either encased or deep drawn. Radiators can be finished with a variety of fan shroud solutions.

Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers are manufactured from aluminum. A variety of different reservoirs, fasteners and other parts are manufactured in our own foundry or made of profile/cascade aluminum.

Oil Coolers

Oil coolers are carefully manufactured according to the customer’s measurements. Cooler cores can be manufactured either from aluminum or finned tubes.

Finned tube radiators

We design and manufacture tailored finned tube radiators for demanding conditions.
Finned tube radiators are used as water, cac, air and oil coolers and they have very strong structure.
Materials are widely available (e.g. copper, steel, aluminum and copper-nickel).
The radiators have excellent corrosion and pressure resistance.
Finned tube radiators are designed and calculated by using our new FFTC-program.


We manufacture individualized combicoolers by integrating different cores in the same assembly. Combicoolers are manufactured from a combination of aluminum and copper/brass or aluminum alone.

Radiator Systems

We manufacture different radiator systems according to customers’ needs. The production of radiator systems includes the planning and manufacturing of a complete module as well as assembling the finished system with fans and fan motors.

Electric and hybrid vehicles

We have years of experience of manufacturing different cooling systems for electric- and hybrid machinery. Those are used in electric buses as well as forest machinery.

Other Products

  • Expansion tanks
  • Electric fans
  • Hydraulic driven fans
  • Fans
  • By-pass valves
  • Windtunnels

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