Finnradiator designs and manufactures cost-effectively and flexibly high-quality radiator solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Our products include various radiator systems, combicoolers, water, charge air and oil coolers and also finned tube coolers.

We design and manufacture various expansion tanks and wind tunnels, in addition, we supply electric and hydraulic fans, fan blades and bypass and pressure limiting valves.

Finnradiator’s high-quality products are made from both copper-brass and aluminum, always according to the customer’s wishes. In the manufacturing processes, we take into account both environmental aspects and efficient energy solutions.

Our products are made to withstand even heavy use in many types of machines and vehicles.

Applications of our products include machines and vehicles such as:

  • – Material handling machines
  • – Mining industry
  • – Agriculture and forestry
  • – Maritime and shipyard industries
  • – Railroad/locomotive
  • – Environmental care machines
  • – Civil engineering and real estate management fields
  • – Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • – Military and Defense equipment industry


Our solutions include everything from design through manufacturing to final assembly. With the help of our own production and our international partners, we can offer cost-effective solutions. We are able to offer short delivery times combined with a competitive cost level.

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Expansion tanks

Finnradiator manufactures various expansion tanks with strong expertise. Our products are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s wishes, tailored for both private and industrial sectors.

Finnradiator’s expansion tanks are designed to withstand demanding conditions and workplaces. We always offer our customers the right material for the design and manufacture of expansion tanks with the end user in mind.

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Finnradiator supplies fans for many different applications, both for private and industrial sectors.

The fans are designed and manufactured together with our partners, always according to the customer’s wishes and end-use.

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Wind tunnels

With strong expertise, Finnradiator manufactures wind tunnels for industry, companies, and private customers. Wind tunnels are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s wishes, with the end user in mind.

Finnradiator’s wind tunnels are designed to withstand heavy use. You can trust the performance of our products: they are of high quality and long-lasting. We always take the customer’s wishes into account in the design process and thus the product we manufacture is perfectly tailored to the customer’s intended use.

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Other Products

We also deliver wings and spare parts, e.g. for fans, valves and coolers

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