Radiator Repair Service

Finnradiator offers an expert and versatile repair service for its own and other manufacturers’ radiators. Our repair service serves both private and business customers.

Our radiator repair shop works in Central Finland, near the city of Jyväskylä. For coolers arriving for repair or maintenance, we do, depending on the need, e.g. cell replacements, repair of aluminum coolers, repair of brass coolers, welding work and parts manufacturing.

Decades of experience in the repair and maintenance of coolers

Finnradiator knows everything about radiators. In addition to being pioneers in the design and production of domestic radiator solutions, we also have decades of experience in the repair and maintenance of various radiators.

Refurbishing a damaged radiator is often a much economical, faster and more practical way of doing things than replacing it with a completely new one. This is especially true when the device used is old and a compatible cooler is no longer necessarily available on the market as a ready-made spare part.

If you notice a fault in the radiator or want to be sure of its operation in the future, feel free to contact us and bring the radiator into the hands of professionals at Finnradiator’s radiator repair shop.

Radiator repair using modern methods

In the repair and maintenance of coolers, we use modern equipment and strong professionalism. Several different methods can be used in radiator repairs, such as welding, aluminum welding, tinning, soft soldering, brazing, arc welding, painting, radiator leak testing and trial effort, radiator condition assessment, sheet metal work, etc.

You can get more information about the methods and possibilities used in the repair of coolers from our experts dedicated to the subject.

Contact the radiator repair service

Whether the fault is small or large, feel free to contact us! Our experts who specialize in repairing radiators know how to give an estimate of the need for repair work, the requirements and the related costs.

Tel: +358 20 787 0105

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