The starting point of our design is to meet the customer’s cooler requirements flexibly and efficiently with customized solutions.

With the help of calculation programs, we can quickly get an overall picture of the necessary cooler solutions, which we can refine as the plans progress. Thanks to the reliability of the calculations, a well-optimized cooling solution is obtained, allowing us to deliver just the right kind of cooler.

We develop competitive and efficient products and solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

Preliminary planning

Preliminary planning can be done in a couple of days thanks to local implementation if the initial values ​​we receive from the customer contain all the necessary information. Local planning enables fast and expert service for all customer needs. Thanks to decades of experience, the calculation is also possible with incomplete values.


  • -CATIA 3D
  • -FFTC
  • -DB-try
  • -Conrad
  • -NC-Express

Design and production


1. basic data


2. calculation


3. offer


4. 3D-design


5. manufacturing drawings

6. NC-programming


7. production

Prototyypin kokoonpano

8. prototype assembly

Mittaus ja testaus

9. measuring and testing

Design and production process

Drawings and 3D models are made of the products, which, if necessary, we send to the customer for adaptation to their own configurations.

After the prototype product and the customer’s agreement, even quick changes are possible. All the different stages of the design are saved in the database, so you can return to the design information if necessary.

In addition, our design includes matching and purchasing additional parts required for the cooler’s environment as needed. E.g. fans, etc.

Before sending the product to the customer, each prototype product is measured and compared to the 3D model. This ensures that the product meets the dimensional requirements set for it. If necessary, we also perform the PPAP process.

In the future, changes that come up during serial production will be reacted to with a very quick schedule.

Are you interested in our services?

If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us. We have decades of experience in the design, production, testing and maintenance of coolers.

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