We manufacture radiators according to the customers’ wishes from either copper-brass or aluminum.

The tanks can be manufactured either deep-drawn or bended. The radiators can be finished with various mounting parts and wind tunnels.

Our solutions include everything from design through manufacturing to final assembly. With the help of our own production and our international partners, we can offer cost-effective solutions. We are able to offer short delivery times combined with a competitive cost level.

Radiator Systems

We manufacture ready-to-install radiator systems that contain all the components the customer needs, e.g.:

  • -Water Radiators
  • -Charge Air Coolers
  • -Oil Coolers
    •  -Hydraulics
    •  -Steering
    •  -Gearing
    •  -Accessories
  • -Fuel coolers
  • -Air conditioning condensers
  • -Wind tunnels
  • -Fans
  • -Hydraulic motors
  • -Expansion tanks
  • -Pipelines/hoses
  • -Frames

The customer can define needed system content of the supplies as they wish.


We manufacture customized combicoolers by combining different cores in the same cooler solution. Combicoolers can be aluminum or copper-brass. We are able to design the coolers optimally so that the best possible cooling power is obtained for each cooler.

Water Radiators

We manufacture water radiators according to customer’s needs, either from copper-brass or aluminum.

Charge Air Coolers

We manufacture Charge Air Coolers from aluminum according to customers’ wishes. The structure of Charge Air Coolers can be either plate&bar or tube-to-fin type. The tanks can be bended or from a profile. For larger series, tanks made by casting are also possible. The coolers can be finished with various mounting parts.

Oil and fuel coolers

Oil and fuel coolers are carefully manufactured according to the customer’s own measurements. Cores can be made from either aluminum or finned tubes. Aluminum radiators can be plate&bar or shell type.

Almost all tube materials on the market are available in finned tube coolers; copper-copper, copper-aluminum, aluminum-aluminum and also more special nickel-copper combinations when choosing tube and fin materials. With finned tube coolers, pressure resistance can reach up to 100 bar.

Finned tube coolers

We manufacture individually designed and implemented finned tube coolers for demanding conditions.

We can manufacture water, CAC and oil coolers with a durable structure from the finned tube. The customer can choose a wide range of materials (e.g. copper, steel, aluminum and copper-nickel).

The coolers have excellent corrosion and pressure resistance. The pressure resistance can be up to 100 bar and we can also classify the cooler with the CE mark.

Finned tube coolers are designed using the FFTC software developed for them.

Electric and hybrid

We manufacture individually tailored and top-quality radiators for electric and hybrid vehicles, wind tunnels and specially made expansion tanks for many different applications, such as for cooling batteries and electric motors.

Are you interested in our products?

If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us. We have decades of experience in the design, production, testing and maintenance of coolers.

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