Excellent solutions with flexible and tailored production.

The quality of radiators can be measured very precisely already during manufacturing. This is why we can deliver products that are guaranteed to work, on time. Our production process is flexible to changes, and the amount of products in serial production can vary to a great extent, according to customer needs. The manufacturing process is also well suited for small runs of niche products.

Design and production


1. basic data


2. calculation


3. offer


4. 3D-design


5. manufacturing drawings

6. NC-programming


7. production

Prototyypin kokoonpano

8. prototype assembly

Mittaus ja testaus

9. measuring and testing


Predesign can be done in very short lead time, even in couple of days.

  • Catia 3D
  • FFTC calculation
  • DB-Try calculation
  • Conrad calculation
  • NC-Express programming


Production process includes everything from design to final assembly and shipment. We can offer cost effective solutions with help of own production and international partners.

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