Environmentally friendlier technology

Finnradiator has always looked for ways to build better and more durable radiators in an environmentally friendly way. That is why the company joined the CuproBraze Alliance and has actively developed this radiator technology. For example, the OneShot method, which significantly increases production speed and radiator durability, is a result of Finnradiator’s product development.



Why should environmentally aware companies choose CuproBraze

  • CuproBraze process is free of lead and other toxic chemicals
  • Copper and Brass are virtually 100 percent recyclable
  • CuproBraze production uses over 50 percent less energy than aluminium production
  • CuproBraze heat exchangers are reparable both in production and operation

The CuproBraze heat exchangers also help you meet the Euro 4 and Tier 4 Final emission standards without compromising power or sacrificing limited space.


cuprobraze alliance

CuproBraze technology enables the production of more efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable radiator solutions.

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