CuproBraze Technology

CuproBraze technology represents a new era for heavy vehicle radiators. CuproBraze makes use of the highest quality copper and brass alloys, making it possible to produce more efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly heat exchangers, compared with traditional radiators.

Finnradiator offers its customers the latest radiator technology that improves the performance and durability of heavy-duty vehicles. CuproBraze heat exchangers are made of special anneal-resistant alloys of copper and brass. Tubes are fabricated from brass strip and coated with a brazing filler material. The copper fins and the brass headers, coated tubes, and side supports are fitted together into a core assembly, which is then brazed in a furnace.


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CuproBraze technology enables the production of more efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable radiator solutions.

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