Excellent durability even in the most demanding conditions

We know how to build radiator solutions for the most harsh conditions. Due to copper’s advantages over aluminium, CuproBraze takes engine duralibility to a new level.



Tensile strength

CuproBraze products are extremely well suited for harsh and hot conditions. The tensile strength of copper is 8 times higher than that of aluminium at room temperature and 9 times higher at 260 ℃.

Shock and vibration resistance

CuproBraze products have at minimum 2.6 times stronger joints than aluminium or soft soldered copper/brass products. CuproBraze works extremely well in conditions where radiators are subject to strong vibration and shocks.



Corrosion resistance

Corrosion in CuproBraze radiators is slower and more even than in aluminium radiators, making their performance much more predictable. The life cycle of CuproBraze products is much longer due to their higher corrosion resistance.

The copper content of the brass used in CuproBraze radiators is 85%, while that of soft-soldered products is 65-70%. This more noble alloy makes CuproBraze products resistant to dezincification, resulting in higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

CuproBraze has proved its corrosion resistance in SWAAT, marine atmosphere, salt spray tests, and also in demanding field conditions.



cuprobraze alliance

CuproBraze technology enables the production of more efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable radiator solutions.

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