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Life cycle costs tell you more about the profitability of products than mere early investment costs.

When evaluating the profitability of investing in different radiator solutions, it is worth taking into consideration the expenses that rise throughout the product’s life cycle. In addition, the effects of different solutions on vehicle performance must also be evaluated.





A broken radiator may become extremely expensive for contractors if vehicle downtime is extended. Fixing a CuproBraze radiator is easy. The durable and flexible material is not as prone to dents as other materials, and maintenance and repairing measures can be performed on the spot.

Finnradiator offers radiators with superior durability. Less spare parts are needed, and there is less downtime than with other radiators. These are extremely significant factors when evaluating life cycle costs.


The durable material of CuproBraze radiators makes them easier to clean. In dirty and muddy operating environments, it is not possible to keep radiators clean. This has a direct effect on radiator capacity which, in turn, affects the performance of the whole vehicle. CuproBraze radiators can be washed on the spot with pressurized air or water with no fear of bending the fins.



The profitability of CuproBraze radiators, compared with aluminium radiators, springs from fewer expenses during their life cycle. Even the life cycle itself is longer, creating significant cost savings. Due to its advantages, CuproBraze is an excellent solution for heavy-duty applications such as agriculture, mining & construction, forestry, and military vehicles.


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CuproBraze technology enables the production of more efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable radiator solutions.

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