Excellent solutions with flexible, customized production.

CuproBraze radiators are made of copper and brass with the latest, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and the best possible brazing paste. CuproBraze takes the performance of heavy-duty vehicles and machinery to a whole new level.



Accurate manufacturing process


The quality of CuproBraze radiators can be measured very precisely already during manufacturing. This is why we can deliver products that are guaranteed to work, on time. Our production process is flexible to changes, and the amount of products in serial production can vary to a great extent, according to customer needs. The manufacturing process of CuproBraze technology is well suited for small runs of niche products, the speciality of Finnradiator.


cuprobraze alliance

CuproBraze technology enables the production of more efficient, durable and environmentally sustainable radiator solutions.

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