CuproBraze Heat Exchangers – For heavy duty applications

August 20, 2014

The CuproBraze process was specifically developed for the manufacture of heavy-duty mobile and stationary industrial heat exchangers. The word CuproBraze is trademarked and owned by International Copper Association (ICA). The ICA responded to the industry need for a new generation of copper-brass heat exchangers by developing CuproBraze technology, which is now being applied globally in the manufacture of advanced heat exchangers.


CuproBraze Heat Exchangers – For your environment and health

August 14, 2014

Brazed copper-brass heat exchangers, called CuproBraze, are best suited for applications where durability, smaller size, smaller airside pressure drop, corrosion resistance, and reparability are important factors. Such are typically heavy-duty applications like mining vehicles, power generators, construction equipment, heavy-duty trucks, locomotives and defence vehicles. This article suggests, that CuproBraze is ideally suited to meet our future “green” needs, as well.

Finnradiator Presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg

April 23, 2014

As a part of Finnradiator's export marketing activities in Russia, Tero Kangas, Markku Ainali and Iraida Lappalainen visited Mining World Expo in Moscow and InterstroyExpo in St.Petersburg, on 9th and 10th of April, introducing to old and new potential customers recently developed product concepts, e.g. corrosion resistant CuproBraze heat exhangers for extreme mining conditions, CuproBraze oil cooler and modular CuproBraze concept for big heat exchangers for gensets.


Production Shut-down for Summer Vacations

April 23, 2014

Our production will have shut-down for summer vacations in weeks 28-30 (7th to 25th of July). Please, place your orders so that we are able to deliver before or after that period of time!


Managing Director for Finnradiator Ltd changes

October 30, 2013

Finnradiator Ltd’s Managing Director Kari Lappalainen has resigned. Vice President Tero Kangas has been appointed as a new Managing Director.

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August 20, 2014
CuproBraze Heat Exchangers – For heavy duty applications

September 10, 2014
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